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Vino Rosso, da Occasioni, 2019

A full bodied Tuscan red, as rich and vibrant as the land of its origin. Full of character and yet elegant, this is a smooth, velvet wine to perfect any occasion.

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Vino Rosso, da Tutti i Giorni, 2020

A vibrant Tuscan red that embodies the carefree creativity and magical stories of Villa Lena in a bottle. Tutti I Giorni is a young and easy going red wine.a.

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Sparkling Rosé

A delicious, easy-to-drink sparkling wine that can be enjoyed with lunch or dinner and is just as good at aperitivo as it is on the dance floor!

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Olive Oil

Villa Lena’s organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from olives grown and harvested exclusively on the Villa Lena estate, using organic and biodynamic principles.The delicious olive oil is made from a blend of three varieties of olives which are grown on thousands of ancient trees.

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Nadine Goepfert x Villa Lena Napkins

Villa Lena has created a bespoke scented candle in collaboration with local Tuscan artisans, which makes the perfect gift or at home luxury.

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Limited Edition Print – Alan Reid, Untitled, 2015

This print work by the American artist Alan Reid invites reasoning, provocation and negotiation of absurdist scenarios involving ideas around mass-produced Vogue covers, social realism and modern European masters.

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Limited Edition Print – Jay One Ramier, FEEL, 2014

An expressive and striking depiction of the poet Lean G. Damas by Jay One Ramier, who was a key figure in French hip-hop and early European graffiti Art scene. Minimal and colorful, FEEL embodies the spirit of Ramier's practice as a multi-disciplinary artist and with a major exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo in 2022, his voice is more relevant than ever.

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Limited Edition Print – Kate Groobey La lutte, 2014

The figures in Kate Groobey’s work are often pictured as if dancing or exercising. Their strangely contorted bodies suggest movement and an exaggerated flexibility. The forms in La Lutte are no different, set against the backdrop of Cyprus trees, this limited edition print was meticulously printed at Il Bisonte to reproduce the colors desired. Five copper plates were used instead of the usual one due to the complex use of tone and many colors. The result is a print work with a unique depth.

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Limited Edition Print – Matheus Chiaratti, Lunch Poems, 2020

Brazilian artist Matheus Chiaratti’s bold graphic print depicts the cover of one of the most renowned collections of works by poet Frank O’Hara - Lunch Poems. This limited edition print is described by the artist as ‘a kind of portal, the announcement of a redemptive and potentially wonderful experience (which is Frank’s poetry)’ this work implies a conversation, a moment to pause and reflect - and joins the constellation of works created by Chiaratti that take literature, art history, autobiography mixed with self-fiction, as a starting point.

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Limited Edition Print – Bobby Dowler, Etching, 2014

Found materials are often the starting point for Bobby Dowler, debris that he finds in other artists’ studios or unwanted household materials – these remnants inspire him to make shapes and forms which he then glues together to create a painting. This exploration into print was the first time Dowler had worked in the medium; he says ‘I felt compelled to freely draw of my own accord filling up the space of the plate with whatever came into my mind at that moment.’ Marks are swept together and images are created with a freeform energy that moves beyond the restrictions of the paper form.

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Villa Lena Scented Candle

Villa Lena has created a bespoke scented candle in collaboration with local Tuscan artisans, which makes the perfect gift or at home luxury. Size: 200g, Burning hours: 50 hours, Includes gift box

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