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Villa Lena Flowers

At Villa Lena, every petal tells a story of sustainability, elegance, and home-grown beauty. Our flower farm, nestled in the heart of our property, stands as a vibrant testament to our love for nature and its splendid beauty, allowing us to craft breathtaking floral arrangements that are both visually stunning and environmentally conscious.

Our expert flower designers collaborate to curate unique, natural, and enchanting floral decorations, each custom-designed to echo the theme and spirit of your event, whether it's a wedding, birthday, corporate gathering, or any special occasion. Our passion lies in creating beautiful arrangements from what nature provides us at any given moment, avoiding environmentally harmful elements like floral foam. Our styles vary from rustic wildflower compositions to minimalistic ikebana sets and luxurious sprawling decorations.

We take pride in growing our own flowers and foraging in our fields and forests for beautiful seasonal foliage and blooms. Our aim is to ensure our practices are sustainable, seasonal, and environmentally friendly, avoiding the use of imported flowers due to concerns over fair trade, pesticide use, and CO2 emissions from transport.

Discover our diverse floral offerings and allow us to weave a tapestry of natural beauty for your event. To discuss your floral needs and explore bespoke arrangements, connect with our dedicated flower team at

Below are some examples our work, as well as starting prices for different items. Each quote can be customized and adjusted to cater to our clients’ needs, tastes, and budget.

Bridal Bouquet

from 150 euro


15 euros

Bridesmaid Bouquet

from 70 euro

Flowergirl Posy

30 euros


3 euros per cone, we recommend 1 cone per person


Mix of Glass Bottles

15 euros each

Mix of Villa Lena Olive Oil bottles

10 euros each

Mix Ikebana Vases

18 euros each

Ceramic Jugs, medium size

65 euros each

Glass Footed Table Vase

65 euros Small
90 euros Large

Large Ikebana Bowls in Gray and White Centerpieces

120 euros each

Large Chocolate Footed Ikebana Bowl

120 euros each

Large Glass Vase

300 euros


Pedestals in Champagne Bucket

from 300 euros each, with pedestal included

Wooden, Loose, Assymetric Half Arch, with fabric

from 1400 euros

Full Round Arch

from 2000 euros


from 80 euros per step

Simple pew ends

from 25 euros each

Broken Arch

from 1300 euros


Glass Candleholder & Candlestick

3 euros
Add sleeve: + 3 euros

Ceramic Candleholder & Candlestick

3 euros

Seasonal Fruit on the table

5 euros per table

Napkin decorations with flowers

from 2.50 – 10 euros per napkin



from 120 euros

Mix of Mid to Large Antique Vases for extra effect

from 90 euros


No minimum spend on flowers from Villa Lena Flower Farm 

Minimum Spend 3500 euros for flowers to be sourced from the outside 

All prices exclude VAT 

All broken vases & other material will be charged to the client – see schedule attached 

For sample contract – see schedule attached