About Us – Villalenashop

VILLA LENAA creative hospitality project

Situated on a hilltop in the wild woods of Tuscany, Villa Lena is a place where untouched nature, carefree creativity and magical stories intersect. With 500 hectares of land, mostly covered by untouched forests, an abundance of wild flowers, herbs and roaming deer, Villa Lena is a unique place where hospitality is merged with creativity and nature. Collaboration underscore life at Villa Lena, exemplifying a new way of living and holiday experience.

Originally called San Michele, the estate has an ancient history stretching from the prehistoric, when this land lay under a sea leaving traces of fossilised shells scattered all over the site, to medieval times and the Renaissance, culminating in the construction of the terracotta hued 19th century Villa where the women of the household are immortalised on its ceilings.

The iconography of the estate is as complex as its history, and The Rituals of Villa Lena are products and rituals inspired by the mystical history and wild nature that surrounds it, and the tradition of culture that precedes them and is currently fostered on site.

Villa Lena Cabinet of Curiosities are inspired by the two key pillars of the project: nature and culture. These values are bound together and experienced through hospitality and creativity, connecting you to a rich and inspiring community.