Limited Edition Print - Sylvie Auvray, Elvira, 2014 – Villalenashop

Limited Edition Print - Sylvie Auvray, Elvira, 2014

While working on the Elvira print at the historical printmaking studio Il Bisonte, Sylvie Auvray surprised the technicians with the imaginative selection of materials and unconventional methods – rather than using the traditional etching pen on copper plate, she used different liquids in order to create imagery. The result was a large shape in the center of the work reminiscent of a ghostly spirit, so she named the print after Elvira –after the local legend of a young beauty who haunts the woods of Villa Lena.

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Limited Edition Print – Adeline de Monseignat, Moonkissed, 2014

Gently resting on a mattress and wrapped in their bed sheets, Adeline’s “creatures” seem gently kissed by the peeking moonlight, while a grainy grayness invades the darker corners of their “incubedroom”. A window into their quiet intimacy. Adeline De Monseignat’s drawing that inspired this work, is the starting point for an installation that one day will become a reality.

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Limited Edition Print – Alan Reid, Untitled, 2015

This print work by the American artist Alan Reid invites reasoning, provocation and negotiation of absurdist scenarios involving ideas around mass-produced Vogue covers, social realism and modern European masters.

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Limited Edition Print – Beatrice Boyle, Crack, 2014

Beatrice Boyle limited edition print celebrates the female figure, reduced to a few simple lines, the colour recalls flesh in flat monochrome. Through a series of abstractions, the figure becomes removed from the original life drawings, paintings and sculptures it derived from – it becomes a symbol, a representation of its simplest form.

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Limited Edition Print – Bobby Dowler, Etching, 2014

Found materials are often the starting point for Bobby Dowler, debris that he finds in other artists’ studios or unwanted household materials – these remnants inspire him to make shapes and forms which he then glues together to create a painting. This exploration into print was the first time Dowler had worked in the medium; he says ‘I felt compelled to freely draw of my own accord filling up the space of the plate with whatever came into my mind at that moment.’ Marks are swept together and images are created with a freeform energy that moves beyond the restrictions of the paper form.

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